Volume 5, 2023

Volume 5

IJCAM Conference Special Edition

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.54208/ooo5

Table of Contents

Introduction to IJCAM Conference Special Edition

Rod Dubrow-Marshall

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0005/001

Human Trafficking, Cults, & Coercion: The Use of Drugs as a Tool

Robin Boyle-Laisure

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0005/002

Cults and Media Stereotypes: Does Media Coverage of Current and Former Cult Members Hinder Victims’ Recovery?

Dhyana Levey and Roderick Dubrow-Marshall 

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0005/003

Echoes of Responsibility

Phil Lord

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0005/004