International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation (IJCAM) 

Vo. 6, (2023). Published May 21, 2023. 

DOI: 10.54208/1000/0006/006

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Sovereign Citizens and QAnon: The Increasing Overlaps with a Focus on Child Protective Service (CPS) Cases 

Christine M. Sarteschi, PhD, LCSW


Researchers have observed that the relationship between sovereign citizens and Child Protective Services (CPS) is inherently antagonistic (Hines, 2021). A number of high-profile CPS cases indicate that increasingly some QAnon adherents are adopting sovereign citizen tactics to regain custody of children. Conspiracy-oriented leaders have specifically targeted CPS agencies with false claims that CPS trafficks children to harvest their organs and blood. This descriptive article examines the increasing overlaps, focusing specifically on their intersection in child custody cases. In at least one instance, these toxic and meritless strategies have led to murder. Utilizing extensive review of news accounts and court documents, relevant case studies are documented that illustrate this developing phenomenon.