Volume 4, 2022

Volume 4

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.54208/ooo4

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"Dirty" Propaganda and The Church of Scientology: An Analysis of L. Ron Hubbard's Internal and External Propaganda Strategies

Sarah Lonelodge 

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0004/002

How can I trust someone who lives in the darkness? Former members' perceptions of consultations with healthcare professionals

Cecilia Hadding, Olof Semb, Arja Lehti, Martin Fahlström, Mikael Sandlund, and Valerie DeMarinis

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0004/003

"You're Going to Go into Some Really Dark, Dark Places in Your Mind." Loss and Disillusionment of Being Shunned From the Jehovah's Witnesses Community and Its Impact

Windy A. Grendele, Maya Flax, and Savin Bapir-Tardy

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0004/005

Book Review: When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse by Chuck DeGroat

Reviewed by Daniel Phillips 

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DOI: doi.org/10.54208/1000/0004/004