International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation (IJCAM) 

Vo. 5, (2023).  Published March 26, 2023


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Human Trafficking, Cults, & Coercion: The Use of Drugs as a Tool

Robin Boyle-Laisure


Thanks to the successful prosecution of sex traffickers, the definition and proof of “coercion”

now encompasses evidence showing the use of addictive drugs as a tool. This article describes

two case examples, and in both, the perpetrators supplied abundant amounts of addictive

substantives. Once those victims became addicted and feared the pain of withdrawal, the sex

traffickers forced the victims to perform commercial sex acts to pay off the drug debt they

incurred, feeding the addiction the traffickers caused. Coercion by way of intentional drug

addiction and control is a theory that expands the operative word “coercion.” This short article

summarizes key points of my presentation at the Annual International Conference for the

International Cultic Studies Association held in June 2022.